Our Friend

Our close friend whose medical condition recently worsened and whom we visited while on vacation last month died last Friday. Anita and I gave a brief thought to driving up for the funeral, but eight hours of round-trip driving was just not in my gas tank this week, even assuming I could get away from the parish for a day or two.

The diaconate community arranged to pray Morning Prayer from the Office of the Dead, so Anita and I joined them at 9AM this morning. My wife and I rarely pray the hours. It is my preference for daily prayer, but we always do the readings for Mass when we pray together. I know my wife does them every day, alone or with Brit if I’ve left early for work.

Jerry sent us an invitation to his diaconate ordination later this Fall. I think we’ll get to go to that. It’s relatively light weekend at the parish, and it will be good to connect with our friends in the Dubuque diaconate.

I mentioned to Anita that if our friend is ordained, he will not be permitted to remarry.

“That’s not fair,” she replied.

I attempted to explain the ancient tradition associated with marital state at ordination.

She repeated her three word sentence.

Sometimes you just can’t connect. So I went to work.

A story typical of Kathy’s friendship and good humor: She was president of the Ladies’ Guild when we moved to Eagle Grove in 2000. Anita asked her if she thought the parish would mind if she replaced the old, peeling wallpaper in the rectory and repainted. Kathy reached up, grabbed a loose piece , and ripped.

“No, I don’t think so,” she said.

Our friend has now passed over the waters of death. We pray she will find an everlasting home with the saints.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Our Friend

  1. Tom says:

    Todd & Anita,

    I join you in your prayers for the soul of your friend…


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