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How To Water The Planets

One way, anyway. An astrophysicist from my alma mater, researching on the Spitzer Space Telescope, has found that ice particles are impacting on a disk of dust circling the star NCG 1333-IRAS 4B. “For the first time, we are seeing … Continue reading

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Gasp! Lay People Giving the Homily

Oh. It’s okay. They were asking for money. Vox Nova enters the realm of liturgy when one of its contributors posts that he and his wife gave a homily at parish Masses this past weekend. I see the comments have … Continue reading

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Wedding Mass Marriage Rite 25-26: Consent

The next two sections outline how the couple is to publicly consent to marriage, through either a stated intention by a ritual formula, or by a response to a single (but long) question offered by the priest:   25. The … Continue reading

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Runs Count, Not Hits

Anytime in the past several years, the Royals would’ve lost a game–and lost it big–in which they were outhit 16-6. Heck, how many times does a team outhit by ten win by three? On the other hand, local sports fans … Continue reading

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Motumania: Calendar, Latin, and Catfight

A friend forwarded a few letters from the Tablet. One read: Correspondents have expressed differing views as to whether the pre-conciliar rite was abrogated, but surely there can be no disagreement that the pre-conciliar Ordo and Calendar ceased to exist … Continue reading

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Wedding Mass Marriage Rite 23-24

The Rite puts most of its substance into the marriage rituals themselves. After the homily, the priest is instructed to give a brief address: RITE OF MARRIAGE 23. All stand, including the bride and bridegroom, and the priest addresses them … Continue reading

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