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Wedding Mass Liturgy of the Word RM 21-22

The particular directives for the Liturgy of the Word are brief: 21. The liturgy of the word is celebrated according to the rubrics. There may be three readings, the first of them from the Old Testament.         … Continue reading

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The Fifty

Jeffrey Tucker at NLM has compiled his list of fifty “essential” Catholic hymns. Plainsong all, naturally. On the plus side, we have a list of music designed and intended for congregational singing. It’s good to see the reform2 crew attentive … Continue reading

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Sacred Music With Pluck

For those who think plucked strings are a liturgical abomination, check out A(ustralian)BC Classic FM’s weekly sacred music program. The August 26th edition features some fine musicianship on lute and harp.

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All-Girl Class Here

CNS noted a parish school in Colorado going to single-gender classrooms. The older I get, the more I think separate gender education has more promise than I thought when I was a kid. In my daughter’s grade at our parish … Continue reading

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Wedding Mass Entrance Rite RM 19-20

With this post, we begin looking at the Rite of Marriage itself: the rubrics and ritual texts provided by the 1969 (and still current in the English vernacular) edition. Chapter I (RM 19-38) treats the “Rite for Celebrating Marriage During … Continue reading

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Danneels on Liturgy: Understanding

We’ve been looking at America’s coverage of Cardinal Danneels lecture at Boston College in April this past Spring. Skipping ahead a bit in his talk, I’d like to explore a bit of the cardinal’s assessment of “understanding.” He asks: What … Continue reading

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Three Factors Contributing to Abuse

Other blogs are covering the stunning publication from Sydney Bishop Geoffrey Robinson deeply critical of the Church’s approach to power and sex.  I trust readers to be able to find and ferret out their own links to this story, but … Continue reading

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