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GILH 38: Morning Prayer

St Basil indeed makes an outstanding case for prayer at the commencement of the day: 38. As is clear from many of the elements that make it up, morning prayer is intended and arranged to sanctify the morning. St. Basil … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon With the Symphony

The three of us enjoyed an afternoon of music, food, togetherness, and a miscommunication. I had been hoping for an improvement on the liturgical morning when we had a sacristan not show up for one Mass, a surprise extra plug … Continue reading

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GILH 37: The Two Hinges

Part II of Chapter II covers the “two hinges,” Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer: 37. “By the venerable tradition of the universal Church, lauds as morning prayer and vespers as evening prayer are the two hinges on which the daily … Continue reading

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Music in God’s World?

(This is Neil.) The September/October issue of Books and Culture has a very interesting short article by the Anglican theologian and musician Jeremy Begbie about “Music in God’s World.” Begbie has a forthcoming book on this topic that we should … Continue reading

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Angel Day

Archangel, to be precise. The Roman calendar celebrates three mysterious beings today, but the one I always focus on is Raphael, the healer. It helps that he features prominently in my favorite book of the Bible. Raphael, knowledgeable about strange … Continue reading

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GILH 34-36: Introduction to the Whole Office

With this post we commence Chapter II: Sanctification of the Day: The Different Liturgical Hours. This chapter will take us up to section 99 and give readers a brief overview of the hinges of Morning and Evening Prayer, the Office … Continue reading

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More Careerism

Rock reports with Philadelphia pride of the appointment of his archbishop to the Congregation for Bishops. Is this good news? Or will it be an affirmation of careerism in the episcopacy? I found Cardinal Rigali’s biography page of interest. Philadelphia … Continue reading

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