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Don’t get dizzy on this post. Explanation here, from Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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NFL ’07

The NFL start-ups for thirty-two teams are just days away. Many stat guys (and gals) are plugging away at projected win totals, especially for their favorite teams. Just to show I’m not totally opposed to the sports universe, I’m going … Continue reading

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Gather To Remember

When we left off with the Glory & Praise series, we were looking at the first three volumes. Glory & Praise volume 3, which in my assessment was the shark-jumping moment for NALR, was soon rivaled by GIA’s entry into … Continue reading

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Red Seas Under Red Skies

I enjoyed Scott Lynch’s second novel, and I’d recommend it to any reader, as I would his first, which I posted on earlier this year. Lynch has gotten a lot of attention with his writing. Well-deserved, I would say. The … Continue reading

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Wedding Mass Marriage Rite 37-38: At The End Of Mass, Also Multiples

    With this post, we come to the end of the rubrics on the wedding Mass. As we’ve mentioned before, a significant appendix with additional and optional texts will give couples, liturgists, and priests many more options than the … Continue reading

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Fashion Police

Isn’t it nice to know that MLB is keeping the sport safe from uniform malfunctions? Who the heck cares about steroids? Francona’s family-friendly comments included: I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life. Middle of the game, you’ve … Continue reading

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How Much Did You Pay For Them?

You might be interested to know some of the follow-up to the new server albs we acquired earlier this summer. My friend Mike at the local Catholic church goods store, I. Donnelly, said his daughter fielded a call from an … Continue reading

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Wedding Mass Marriage Rite 33-36: Nuptial Blessing, etc.

We continue with the rubrics and texts of the Communion Rite in the Liturgy of the Eucharist. The RM tells us the Lord’s Prayer is shortened 33. After the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer Deliver us is omit­ted. The priest faces … Continue reading

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