How Much Did You Pay For Them?

You might be interested to know some of the follow-up to the new server albs we acquired earlier this summer. My friend Mike at the local Catholic church goods store, I. Donnelly, said his daughter fielded a call from an insistent anonymous parishioner not long after we ordered the albs and cassocks.

How many were ordered?

Were we given a price break?

What was the final bill?

The caller was referred to me or our parish staff for the third question. I told Mike no such inquiry has come my way. I did what I often do with such stories: I’ve told it to many staff members and a handful of parishioners. The fervor of anonymity often wilts in the public eye.

It’s been worth a few laughs, especially when one person asked me rather knowingly, if it wasn’t a particular parishioner she had in mind. I said no, I’m trying to have positive thoughts about the person in question.
I really have no idea who this could be. But such people are not uncommon elements in a parish populace. Were they upset about the expenditure? I have a budget, finance committee approved, that includes this line item. We also have a parishioner who donated some of the cost. Were they upset about the traditional style? I wrote in the bulletin this week, “The kids were enthusiastic about having a different look … They articulated their choices well. I feel it’s important to back up their choices. That’s the whole story. No mandate from above, no desire to ‘turn the clock back’ on Vatican II.”


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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