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GILH (General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours)

Each of the Church’s rites comes with an introduction or “general instruction.” After our last post on the Rite of Marriage series, we’ll begin looking at the lengthy instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours, or Divine Office. Liturgists know … Continue reading

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Rite of Marriage 39-54: Marriage Outside of Mass

Starting with section 39, the Rite of Marriage begins Chapter II, “Rite of Celebrating Marriage Outside Mass.” There’s not much to add to the previous section, except some logical rubrics and guidelines for the circumstance. In fact, the prescriptions for … Continue reading

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Worship Priorities and the Hermeneutic of Complaint

Michael Lawrence, who comments on occasion here, asks his confreres at NLM, “What Should Our Priorities Be?” It will be interesting to be a fly on the wall on that site as they struggle with the question. Those of us … Continue reading

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Aspergillium, Not Vestments

The Catholic blogosphere is atwitter about the media reports on the pope’s green vestments. Of course he’s wearing green vestments. Roman Catholic clergy all over the world also wore green yesterday in unity and solidarity. Just to show their sympathy … Continue reading

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