Rite of Marriage 39-54: Marriage Outside of Mass

Starting with section 39, the Rite of Marriage begins Chapter II, “Rite of Celebrating Marriage Outside Mass.” There’s not much to add to the previous section, except some logical rubrics and guidelines for the circumstance. In fact, the prescriptions for the introductory rite, Liturgy of the Word, and Marriage Rite are the same, RM 39-48 duplicating RM 19-28 with no deviations of note.

Let’s begin with RM 49:

49. The general intercessions (prayer of the faithful) and the blessing of the couple take place in this order:

a) First the priest uses the invitatory of any blessing of the couple [see the first part of no. 33, 120, and 121] or any other, taken from the approved formulas for the general intercessions.

b) Immediately after the invitatory, there can be either a brief. silence, or a series of petitions from the prayer of the faithful with responses by the people. All the petitions should be in harmony with the blessing which follows, but should not duplicate it.

c) Then, omitting the prayer that concludes the prayer of the faithful, the priest extends his hands and blesses the bride and bridegroom.
The rubrics state the Lord’s Prayer delayed until after the nuptial blessing in the circumstance of a wedding outside of Mass. The priest is to proceed from the last of the petitions straight to the nuptial blessing.


50. This blessing may be Father, by your power, (no. 33) or another from nos. 120 or 121.


51. The entire rite can be concluded with the Lord’s Prayer and the blessing, whether with the simple form, May al­mighty God, or with one of the forms in nos. 125-127.

The Lord’s Prayer seems to be optional.

52. If two or more marriages are celebrated at the same time, the questioning before the consent, the consent itself and the acceptance of consent shall always be done individually for each couple; the rest, including the nuptial blessing, is said once for all using the plural form.

RM 53 duplicates RM 38. In RM 54, a Communion service option is provided:


54. If Mass cannot be celebrated and communion is to be distributed during the rite, the Lord’s Prayer is said first. After communion, a reverent silence may be observed for a while, or a psalm or song of praise may be sung or recited. Then comes the prayer, Lord, we who have shared (no. 123, if only the bride arid bridegroom receive ), or the prayer, God, who in this wondrous sacrament or other suitable prayer. The rite ends with a blessing, either the simple formula, May almighty God bless you, or one of the forms in nos. 125-127. 

Any comments?


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One Response to Rite of Marriage 39-54: Marriage Outside of Mass

  1. FrMichael says:

    What the…

    Somehow I missed the omitting of the concluding prayer for the Prayers of the Faithful and launching right into the nuptial blessing. Thanks for the review.

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