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Watching the Political World Go By

Selling their souls to beat Hillary Clinton. Swamping John Edwards on his own web page. What a spectator sport! Who needs football? And to think it’s started early and still has fourteen months to go.

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The “Incarnational” Dimensions: Asian Christian Writings

(This is Neil.) Again, I’ve been rather busy, which explain my relative silence on the blog. I do want to very quickly and briefly attract your attention to an interesting recent article in the Asian Journal of Theology on a … Continue reading

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Concert for the Pope

Zenit reports today on a performance yesterday for Pope Benedict at Castel Gandolfo. The Holy Father had the usual nice things to say about music: (Music) has the power to lead us back … to the Creator of all harmony, … Continue reading

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Send Music, Not Beat

CNS picks up the story of two British church musicians sending the pope an iPod nano of their new album, including a traditional Irish tune reworked with a calypso/disco beat. American Catholicism’s much-loved “Be Not Afraid” also gets a treatment, … Continue reading

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The Dolphin Leaps in Dark Skies

Saturday night at the astronomy club, I was introduced to a constellation you just can’t see in a city, Dephinus, the dolphin. Even Brittany agreed it looked like a leaping dolphin when I pointed it out. In dark skies, it … Continue reading

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