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I was a bit surprised NFL commish Roger Goodell pulled the trigger so soon on Coach Belichick. Naturally, being a Bills fan, I’ve never liked this particular cheater. So natch, you might assume I think he and his team got … Continue reading

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New Catholic Priest

Probably by posting the link with the photo and the headline, I suppose I risk the ire of the SCGS crowd. A friend forwarded me this article today and asked my input. Lots of internet Catholics seem to be all … Continue reading

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Astonishing Iapetus

As an astronomer with a geological twist, I find the Cassini images of Iapetus nothing short of astounding. Or did I say astonishing? Iapetus is referred to as the “yin-yang moon,” because one hemisphere is snowy white and the other … Continue reading

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GILH 6: Christ’s Prayer Continued by the Church

Reviving our look at the General Instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours, we have a section entitled, “Christ’s Prayer Continued by the Church” 6. Since we are entirely dependent on God, we must acknowledge and express this sovereignty of … Continue reading

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