GILH 6: Christ’s Prayer Continued by the Church

Reviving our look at the General Instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours, we have a section entitled, “Christ’s Prayer Continued by the Church”

6. Since we are entirely dependent on God, we must acknowledge and express this sovereignty of the Creator, as the devout people of every age have done by means of prayer.

Prayer is tagged as the means by which we acknowledge our relationship with God as mortals appealing to the Divine.

Prayer directed to God must be linked with Christ, the Lord of all, the one Mediator [See 1 Tm 2:5; Heb 8:6, 9:15, 12:24.] through whom alone we have access to God.[See Rom 5:2; Eph 2:18, 3:12. ] He unites to himself the whole human community [See SC 83.] in such a way that there is an intimate bond between the prayer of Christ and the prayer of all humanity. In Christ and in Christ alone human worship of God receives its redemptive value and attains its goal.

The GILH acknowledges something of the relationship of prayer to the Trinity. “Through” is the operative word as we ponder the role of Christ in our prayer to God. If one wishes to explore and ponder the nature of the Trinity, often we are assisted by the role each Person plays in our prayer life. The GILH confirms the basic Christocentric nature of prayer, especially liturgical prayer.

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