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GILH 9: Community Character of Prayer

The GILH looks to what some term the “horizontal” dimension of prayer, the community engaging in something of “special excellence.” Community Character of Prayer 9. It follows that the example and precept of our Lord and the apostles in regard … Continue reading

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Fireplace of the Paleo-Future

The Paleo-Future blog is always an entertaining, usually amusing read. One of Monday’s posts features 1910 French prints of what life would be like in the year 2000. My favorite was the radium fireplace: A woman still in her place, … Continue reading

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Motumania: War Declared On Competence

The proof-texting is afoot at Rorate Caeli, conveniently overlooking the bishop’s role to regulate liturgy in his own diocese, as stated in the Church’s liturgical documentation not to mention the motu proprio itself. A bishop who does not offer unfettered, … Continue reading

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Settlement for Santa Rosa

CNS reports briefly on a $5 million settlement against one priest, a recent abuser till his flight from the Santa Rosa diocese and the US last summer. I wasn’t really impressed with the bishop promising termination consequences for lay staff … Continue reading

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GILH 8: Action of the Holy Spirit

As we’ve covered the role of the first two Persons of the Trinity in prayer, what would be the role of the Holy Spirit? The GILH devotes a short paragraph to the “Action of the Holy Spirit.” 8. The unity … Continue reading

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Growing Together in Unity and Mission

(This is Neil.) Yesterday, the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission (IARCCUM), an “episcopal commission” started in 2001 (Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane is the Roman Catholic co-chair), released an agreed statement, Growing Together in Unity and Mission: … Continue reading

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