Erdo on Evangelization

Zenit has a bitty piece on Budapest Cardinal Peter Erdo’s three points for the International Congress for the New Evangelization:

“In Budapest we saw that what was needed first of all was to deepen the faith, spirituality and missionary awareness of those who are already working in the parishes, that is, priests, religious, catechists and laypeople, those who are completely dedicated to parish service.

“Then in a second step we must get in contact with the whole parish community, also in a liturgical way.

“The third step is a gradual opening to the world. This opening up to the world is not just directed toward our immediate environment, our city, the quarter where we live and where many do not believe and do not know Christ’s message or have not been baptized; it is also a look at the whole world, the most distant continents, through the witness of those people — priests, religious, missionaries and laity — who have lived in those parts of the world.”

This is worth some reflection. The cardinal suggests starting with parish staffs. I’m assuming a big part of point two is good liturgy. The third step is likely the stumbling block for many people. How does the local parish open up to the world? Is it through charity? Catholics do that pretty well, even though it’s often through a generous check and not so much the hands on approach. How well do you think our example as Catholics plays out in our “immediate environment”?

I wonder what our friends at Intentional Disciples think of this, and if they’ve participated in this event in the past?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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