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Two Trios For Ears

One of my favorite singing groups is featured on this week’s internet offering of Harmonia, the early music program from WFIU at Indiana University. You can also listen to the very fine vocal work of Liber unUsualis, too. Trio Mediaeval … Continue reading

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Don’t Expect Any Apologies or Retractions, Kathy

Another wonderful example of St Blogosphere charity was on display with the teeth-sharpening on Kathy Saile, the new USCCB Director of Domestic Policy. Vox Nova sets you straight, but don’t bet the conservative Catholic commentariat will recover a sense of … Continue reading

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Mentioning The Name of Jesus

Sherry, Amy, and some others seem to be getting fussed over a start of a discernment offered in the Milwaukee archdiocese to bolster declining Mass attendance. I’m not sure what the bother is. Sherry complains that the story doesn’t mention … Continue reading

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Reconsecrating Ground

CNS reports on street Masses celebrated in the wake of a parishioner’s murder in a tough Chicago neighborhood. The concept of using liturgy to make sacred a church or religious location that has been desecrated is common. Does this work … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Audio & Video From The Bishop

Sit in the purple chair and render your opinion. Your bishop sends you a cd to play at Mass. What do you do? Replace the homily? Some of the homily–it’s only a four-and-a-half minute recording? Cross your fingers that people … Continue reading

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GILH 15-16: Praising God With the Church in Heaven

The Catholic notion of liturgy is simply this: liturgy is already happening. Christ’s expression of praise and love for the Father takes place with or without human cooperation. When believers engage in worship, they exercise the priesthood of their baptism: … Continue reading

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Creation as a Web of Life

(This is Neil.) I apologize for not posting more, but, again, I find myself rather busy. I do want to post an excerpt from at least one speech from Religion, Science, and the Environment’s Arctic Symposium, convoked by the Ecumenical … Continue reading

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