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On Jena

What a town to live in. We must have one of the very best sportswriters on the planet. Jason Whitlock makes the Jena case very simple for us. It’s not only about outrage at legal injustice. … Thursday’s protests are … Continue reading

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GILH 17-18: Petition and Intercession

The Liturgy of the Hours also contains Petition and Intercession as the following two sections describe: 17. But besides the praise of God, the Church in the liturgy of the hours expresses the prayers and desires of all the faithful; … Continue reading

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Not Impressed 10

It looks unnatural, but our male cats do indeed bathe and groom each other. They’re also not impressed with the usual feline range of meow and other such vocalizations. Two of our cats actually bark. It’s not a loud bark, … Continue reading

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