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National Cathedral

I heard some of this piece on NPR this morning while getting ready for church. Any readers in the audience who’ve ever visited it? Any thoughts on having an Episcopal Cathedral as our “national” one? Fairly significant music ministry, don’t … Continue reading

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GILH 23: Responsibility of Clergy

Clergy have been required to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. The General Instruction appeals to no less than four conciliar documents to reinforce why the clergy should lead their people in praying, especially the Liturgy of the Hours: 23. … Continue reading

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Participation Peripheral

NLM links a short guide on singing the 1962 Mass. Pew people, your participation is optional, wholly peripheral, and probably not wanted very much even if you were inclined to follow the square notes. And they say this is progress? … Continue reading

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Ursa Minor: Magnitude Guide

The constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear for those who prefer the vernacular) contains Polaris, the star which will point you north–if you have a mostly cloudless night. It also contains a helpful guidepost for judging the magnitudes of other stars … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Clubbing

After a long day at the parish, I was looking forward to the annual club picnic and some viewing. It had been a crystal-clear day in Kansas City. We were late arriving at the picnic, so most of my homemade … Continue reading

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GILH 20-22: Celebration in Common

Section IV of Chapter I, “Participants in the Liturgy of the Hours “ begins with a discussion on “Celebration in Common.” 20. The liturgy of the hours, like other liturgical services, is not a private matter but belongs to the … Continue reading

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