GILH 23: Responsibility of Clergy

Clergy have been required to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. The General Instruction appeals to no less than four conciliar documents to reinforce why the clergy should lead their people in praying, especially the Liturgy of the Hours:

23. Those in holy orders or with a special canonical mission [See Ad Gentes 17.] have the responsibility of initiating and directing the prayer of the community; “they should expend every effort so that those entrusted to their care may become of one mind in prayer.” [Christus Dominus 15.] They must therefore see to it that the people are invited, and prepared by suitable instruction, to celebrate the principal hours in common, especially on Sundays and holydays. [See SC 100.] They should teach the people how to make this participation a source of genuine prayer; [See Presbyterorum Ordinis no. 5.] they should therefore give the people suitable guidance in the Christian understanding of the psalms, in order to progress by degrees to a greater appreciation and more frequent use of the prayer of the Church. [See GILH 100-109.]

The priorities are clear: the principal hours of lauds and vespers, a common celebration on Sundays and holydays, and a formation in how to cultivate the praying of the psalms and Scripture as “genuine” prayer.

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