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GILH 25-27: Lay People

These sections of GILH might be of interest to lay ecclesial ministers and others: 25. Even when having no obligation to communal celebration, all sacred ministers and all clerics living in a community or meeting together should arrange to say … Continue reading

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Fifty and Done?

Will we Americans get a fifty-first state, do you think? We’ve already gone the longest period in US history without adding a new one. Anita picked up a map reproduction several months ago and it was only recently that I … Continue reading

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On Participation and Peripherality: A Liturgical Problem?

(This is Neil.) I’ve been reading with interest Todd’s post on Participation Peripheral and the comments that have followed. I’m not capable of properly interpreting the linked Guidelines for Liturgical Services According to the 1962 Missale Romanum. But the discussion … Continue reading

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Just The Facts

In the thread begun by my criticism of bloggers and commentariats calling for Kathy Saile’s job, Jeff posted: CWN never, ever asserted that Ms. Saile is pro-abortion. It merely reported the facts: http://www.cwnews.com/news/viewstory.cfm?recnum=53517 I would say that reporting facts is … Continue reading

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GILH 24: Religious Communities

Regarding the religious, they serve as a “fuller sign” of the Church at worship, participating in the prayer of Christ. Is prayer alone a valid apostolate? Church tradition has long held it to be so, especially those who embrace the … Continue reading

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