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GILH 29: Mandate 2

Requirements, with priorities: 29. Hence bishops, priests, and other sacred ministers, who have received from the Church the mandate to celebrate the liturgy of the hours (see no. 17), should recite the full sequence of hours each day, observing as … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Services

Liam raises a good point in the combox on Neil’s post “On Participation and Peripherality.” It might be rather apt this year as we Romans experience a very early Easter. Our pastor requests early-in-the-season reconciliation services for the school children, … Continue reading

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Sorting Out Blogs, News Sources, and Catholics

I noticed an interesting and lively discussion on Vox Nova sparked by faint praise for an update of the Kathy Saile story at CWN. I’d say we can think well of the many consciences pricked by unjust accusations. St Blog’s … Continue reading

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GILH 28: Mandate to Celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours

Sadly, the decision to celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours comes down to the question: what is required? In the sub-chapter, “Mandate to Celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours,” we read: 28. Sacred ministers have the liturgy of the hours … Continue reading

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Reading/Translating a Homily

Zenit’s Fr Edward McNamara can’t get comfortable with a layperson reading a vernacular-unfamiliar priest’s homily: While I know of no official document forbidding it, I still maintain that having a layperson read the whole homily in lieu of the priest … Continue reading

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Title Disconnect

Every so often, the people at the Zenit News Service slap up a headline that just inspires a headscratch. Take this story, for example, introduced by “Church in Central Africa Fights Witchcraft,” but first sentence in, we read it’s not … Continue reading

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