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Delta Dawn

A Delta II rocket carries the Dawn asteroid probe into space this morning. There is a web page up and running to give us news from the probe as it is relayed back to Earth. We’ll get a much sharper … Continue reading

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GILH 30-32: Mandate 3

Let’s wrap up the GILH’s approach to requirement: 30. It is most fitting that permanent deacons recite daily at least some part of the liturgy of the hours, to be determined by the conference of bishops. [See Paul VI, Motu … Continue reading

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Circle The Wagons, Men

An episcopal hymn full of female images has the men leaping for the bunkers in the battle of the sexes again. Bill suggests it’s driving men from religion, but have we anything other than anecdotal evidence suggesting this is true? … Continue reading

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Selected Myths About RCIA

Over the past several days, I’ve read a few posts on blogdom, heard a few pastor horror stories from real life, been thinking about upcoming happenings in my parish. So I’ll pass on to you a liturgist’s thoughts on RCIA, … Continue reading

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