More Careerism

Rock reports with Philadelphia pride of the appointment of his archbishop to the Congregation for Bishops. Is this good news? Or will it be an affirmation of careerism in the episcopacy?

I found Cardinal Rigali’s biography page of interest. Philadelphia is his second see as an archbishop–three if you include a titular appointment while he spent nine years in the curia with major office holdings. Cardinal Bernardin Gantin, a sometime critic of careerism, installed him as St Louis archbishop after the Rome years.

Zenit reports another out-of-towner appointed an American bishop. At least we can say he wasn’t already a bishop elsewhere. And he’s from the same state. Anybody want to render a guess on Cardinal Rigali’s home diocese?

It’s starting to look like Pope Benedict’s early good appointment or two were the exception to the rule.

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2 Responses to More Careerism

  1. sacerdos says:

    Cardinal Rigali is NOT being transferred from his appointment at Philadelphia – He is being named to a Roman Congregation (such are composed of Cardinals from around the world – most of them residential Archbishops) I don’t think this fits the template condemning careerism. Remember that the office of Cardinal originated among senior members of the clergy of Rome who advised the Holy Father.

  2. Todd says:

    I think we all know that Rigali is staying put in Philly. Yet we have a man who has served as head of two different archdioceses plus one titular appointment. The newest member of the Congregation of Bishops also has a reputation for being a “kingmaker.”

    I think my questions of Cardinal Rigali are valid, and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask them in person, were I given the opportunity:

    – In light of the Church’s tradition, how do you reconcile your own career as bishop in more than one diocese?

    – Will you continue to promote the careerism we’ve seen of late: bishops moving to larger and more prominent dioceses?

    – Why should a red hat be connected with the stature of the see? Is it about the qualities of the person and the service rendered to the Church?

    – Why is it taking the Congregation of Bishops so darn long to get the job done appointing new bishops in so many sees? Where are your priorities?

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