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Blogging Light

The women of the household are sick; both stayed home today, except for a mid-afternoon trip to the doc. My wife apologized for our daughter missing trunk or treat. Brittany’s response, “Oh, Mom! It’s not like it was your fault … Continue reading

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GILH 173-178: Hymnody

We touch on music a bit in this post, but don’t get too excited yet. Certainly post comments, though, if you care to do so. 173. A very ancient tradition gives hymns the place in the office that they still … Continue reading

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The Girls of Lars

Roger Ebert’s review pretty much nails the goodness of this movie, which Anita and I caught last Friday. Lots of other reviewers really missed the boat–which doesn’t surprise me. This film is deeply moral and backs it up with a … Continue reading

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Just Hold On To Your Hymnals

Two or three times a week I surf over to the NLM web page, scroll down through the antics on fussy vestments, EO and the like, and about two or three times a week I find an interesting post. Like … Continue reading

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Blogging Encouraged

  One week we’re bullies. Now, Cardinal Ruini tells us to get cracking. A priest from Novara told me that the theme of ‘Jesus’ is very much discussed by youth in blogs. The focus, though, comes from destructive books that … Continue reading

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Blessing Young Drivers

Our youth minister spoke to me about doing this at our parish last year. It’s a tradition about six years old at St Benedict Parish in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. The Eastern Oklahoma Catholic has a nice feature on it. Father … Continue reading

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GILH 169-172: Responsories

We read that the responsory has been drawn from tradition or it has been newly composed for the modern praying of the LH: 169. Its responsory follows the biblical reading in the office of readings. The text of this responsory … Continue reading

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GILH 166-168: Readings in Honor of Saints

As we look at Chapter III-VIII, we consider Readings in Honor of Saints 166. The “hagiographical” readings or readings in honor of saints are either texts from a Father of the Church or another ecclesiastical writer, referring specifically or rightly … Continue reading

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Denying Communion 1

Certainly I’ve followed this issue as it has played out in previous election cycles, in discussions with my colleagues and parishioners, through interactions on the internet, and in personal reading. It’s not an issue in which I believe I possess … Continue reading

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GILH 159-165: Non-Biblical Readings

Here’s a GILH topic with potential for discussion. The GILH devotes a whole subsection of Chapter III to Readings From the Fathers and Church Writers. This should put to rest the general myth that non-Scriptural readings do not belong in … Continue reading

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Perseus Holds A Comet

Comet 17P/Holmes is now visible for Northern Hemisphere stargazers. On Wednesday this week some outburst from this two-mile-wide body kicked up its brightness from magnitude 17 to nearly 2, a factor of about a half-million. Chris Peterson of Cloudbait Observatory … Continue reading

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GILH 156-158: Short Readings

And what about those Short Readings? 156. The short readings or “chapters” (capitula) are referred to in no. 45, which describes their importance in the liturgy of the hours. They have been chosen to give clear and concise expression to … Continue reading

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For the Catholic Church, this weekend is designated in the US for expressing and celebrating gratitude to clergy. If any of my parishioners are reading, and later wondering, it was agreed to express our thanks next weekend because of our … Continue reading

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GILH 153-155: Other Considerations in the Office of Readings

Some additional thoughts on the readings: 153. The one-year cycle is shortened in such a way that each year special passages from sacred Scripture are read, but in correlation with the two-year cycle of readings at Mass, to which it … Continue reading

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Reasonable Expectations

Thanks for the interesting discussion on the “Cowards and Pokers” thread. When I read Judie Brown’s essay, I thought it illustrated a point I’ve made before. Simply that Catholics of all breeds would do well to temper their expectations when … Continue reading

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