Searching For Surety

One of the St Blog’s Dust-ups of the Week involves the American Papist-Policraticus battle over the Connecticut bishops’ stance on plan B. The bishops, apparently, have reversed an earlier statement and seem, to the view of some, to have caved in regarding the use of a contraceptive in hospitals they oversee.

Lots of other bloggers have weighed in on this. As you can imagine, Connecticut is seen as this year’s Florida, or the bishops there have uncovered some convenient and prudential loopholes.

Little of this will be reassuring to victims of rape. They will not be consulting the bishops or the Catholic apologetics sites.

Even less will be satisfactory to Catholics who want clear, black-and-white approaches to morality. At least where it interfaces with modern science and/or technology.

However, there is a comfort in knowing the black-and-white. It seems to me that when a person is in crisis, she or he does not need to be bothered with the peripheral details of the situation. Crisis often means a decision is needed quickly. Maybe that decision ordinarily would require lots of time. Going “by the book” is helpful if one’s energies are being applied to the emotional churning of a serious dilemma, not the fine print in the CCC’s 2500-plus entries.

Bloggers, however, strike me as people with time on their hands. Instead of firing from the insult weaponry four posts into a thread, news items like this give almost everybody time to consider, read, research, and ruminate to their hearts’ delight.

Then again, some people live their lives as if every second were crisis mode. Such disabilities are better eased with a comfortable lawn chair, a sunny day, and maybe a relaxing beverage of choice.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Jonathan says:

    Hmm..I’m not exactly sure what point you’re after here…

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