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1-0-1-5 and Other Baseball Curiosities

Jason Stark is one of my favorite ESPN sportswriters. I admit I’ve been getting a little bit excited about baseball. Yes, I know–even in spite of my rant in favor of minor league ball and second tier college athletics. I … Continue reading

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Shooting Blanks

I’ve read that Rudy goes to Mass, but doesn’t approach the minister to receive Communion. So what is this rumbling all about? Not only is Giuliani the leading Republican candidate, but he’s untouchable. At least on this issue. Asked if … Continue reading

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Guns N Lawyers

Most of the commentary on this Vox Nova thread, “Red Mass Liturgical Abuse” zeroed in on the song. I can’t say I’m all that surprised about singing the National Anthem. I wouldn’t program it at the beginning of a Mass … Continue reading

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GILH 55: Office of Readings

After Morning and Evening Prayer comes the Office of Readings, taking up sub section III of GILH’s Chapter II. What exactly is the Office of Readings? 55. The office of readings seeks to provide God’s people, and in particular those … Continue reading

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Losing a Tail

The probe STEREO A catches Comet Encke losing a tail as it passes close to the sun in its 3.3 year orbit. Like a salamander, Encke will soon regrow it. Credit: Angelos Vourlidas (NRL) et al., SECCHI / STEREO, NASA

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GILH 50-54: Gospel Canticle Through Dismissal

With this third post, we conclude the broad legislation on the structure of morning and evening prayer. Just as the recitation of the Gospel is the apex for the Liturgy of the Word, the singing of the Gospel Canticle so … Continue reading

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