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GILH 74-78: Daytime Hours

The GILH turns its attention next to the Daytime Hours, terce, sext, and none: 74. Following a very ancient tradition Christians have made a practice of praying out of private devotion at various times of the day, even in the … Continue reading

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Consultors Named

… according to Zenit, which has the names. Two questions from me: Are these guys pro-careerists? In other words, will they succumb to the desire for power of churchmen who see the dioceses of their ordination or their first episcopal … Continue reading

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GILH 70-73: Vigils

GILH’s Chapter II-IV looks at Vigils. So we read about believers praying during the hours of night, starting with the prime one: 70. The Easter Vigil is celebrated by the whole Church, in the rites given in the relevant liturgical … Continue reading

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Earth on HDTV

The Japanese Space Agency’s Kaguya probe entered Lunar Orbit less than 48 hours ago. Earlier this week an HDTV image of the Earth was sent to Earth from about 70,000 miles out–far above the altitude of weather or even communications … Continue reading

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