Earth on HDTV

The Japanese Space Agency’s Kaguya probe entered Lunar Orbit less than 48 hours ago. Earlier this week an HDTV image of the Earth was sent to Earth from about 70,000 miles out–far above the altitude of weather or even communications satellites.

After a checking out phase to test the various scientific instruments, Kaguya is expected to begin HD imaging of the moon in December.

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1 Response to Earth on HDTV

  1. Dustin says:

    These posts are perhaps my favorite part of this blog, along with Neil’s contributions. Always appreciated, Todd.

    Also, it’s still quite a long way from arrival, but I await with bated breath the consummation of the New Horizons mission to poor, disowned Pluto. (Of course it isn’t a planet. But one can’t help but pity the poor thing…)

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