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Cardinal George On Liturgy

Cardinal Francis George came back to the Chicago archdiocese ten years ago with big shoes to fill and a reputation as a thoughtful and pastoral intellect. Over the years, I have to say I’ve found him more ordinary than extraordinary, … Continue reading

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Blogging In Anger

Well … I have to confess I’ve done it, then regretted it. An otherwise respectable blog gets into it, with this comment: There‚Äôs a great deal I would like to say, but blogging in anger is never a good idea, … Continue reading

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GILH 93: Combining the Hours With Mass or With Each Other

Ever practical in a Roman sensibility, provision is made in the GILH for Combining the Hours With Mass or With Each Other: 93. In particular cases, if circumstances require, it is possible to link an hour more closely with Mass … Continue reading

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“I have seen Satan fall like lightning”: What Does it Mean to Speak of Sacrifice?

(This is Neil.) I will probably provide excerpts or summaries from some of the papers presented at the meeting of the Colloquium on Religion and Violence earlier this year in Amsterdam. But, for now, we can look at a short … Continue reading

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William Billings: Fancy Goes First, Art Comes After

The colonial era composer was born on this day 260 years ago. I was first introduced to his music as I sifted through the New World label LP’s when I worked in public radio, particularly this recording, which I see … Continue reading

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