GILH 95-97: Combining Daytime or Evening Prayer

More regulations on merging the LH into a daytime or evening Mass:

95. If public celebration of a daytime hour, whichever corresponds to the time of day, is immediately followed by Mass, the whole celebration may begin in the same way, either with the introductory verse and hymn for the hour, especially on weekdays, or with the entrance song, procession, and celebrant’s greeting, especially on Sundays and holydays; one of the introductory rites is thus omitted.

The psalmody of the hour follows as usual up to, but excluding, the reading. After the psalmody the penitential rite is omitted and, as circumstances suggest, the Kyrie; the Gloria then follows, if required by the rubrics, and the celebrant says the opening prayer of the Mass.

The difference for daytime prayer form morning prayer is that the Liturgies of the Word and the Eucharist are retained intact.

96. Evening prayer, celebrated immediately before Mass, is joined to it in the same way as morning prayer. Evening prayer I of solemnities, Sundays, or feasts of the Lord falling on Sundays may not be celebrated until after Mass of the preceding day or Saturday.

Unlike Lauds, there is the option of celebrating Evening Prayer after Mass, which takes place following the post-Communion prayer. For Vespers elements already included at Mass, the reading, intercessions and Lord’s Prayer, are omitted. No second homily either, I imagine.

97. When a daytime hour or evening prayer follows Mass, the Mass is celebrated in the usual way up to and including the prayer after communion.

When the prayer after communion has been said, the psalmody of the hour begins without introduction. At the daytime hour, after the psalmody the short reading is omitted and the prayer is said at once and the dismissal takes place as at Mass. At evening prayer, after the psalmody the short reading is omitted and the Canticle of Mary with its antiphon follows at once; the intercessions and the Lord’s Prayer are omitted; the concluding prayer follows, then the blessing of the congregation.

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