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Thermal Segregation

No, it’s not the consequence of husbands and wives having different tolerances for heat and cold. It is a theory on why Saturn’s mysterious moon Iapetus has either white or very dark surface areas, but almost no gray. A good … Continue reading

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GILH 100-102: Praying the Psalms

Chapter III of the GILH looks more closely at the elements which make up the Liturgy of the Hours. In fact, the next 104 sections will address the spiritual side of the various elements of the hours. Sections 100-109 address … Continue reading

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Grooming Victims and Community

Paul J. Ashton, Psy.D., D.Min. at the Virtus Online site, provides an interesting essay we parish staffs were required to read this month. He discusses the notion of grooming. In the parlance of addicts and sex offenders, it is the … Continue reading

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The Eucharist as a Sign of Inclusion?

(This is Neil.) What I hope to do in this post, which is based (with gratitude) on a recent article by Fr Timothy Radcliffe, OP, is to show how the Eucharist, perhaps unexpectedly, can be a sign of inclusion. The … Continue reading

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Rosary on the Wall

Two parishioners fashioned a rosary last Spring and the pastor has requested we display it prominently this month. Two images for you, which I hope capture the sense of it. What do you think?

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GILH 98-99: Combining With The Office of Readings

Praying the Mass and the Office of Readings is usually out of the picture, but there are exceptions: 98. Apart from Christmas eve, the combining of Mass with the office of readings is normally excluded, since the Mass already has … Continue reading

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