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How Does A Muslim Pray In Space?

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, a Malaysian physician, was rocketed into orbit yesterday. This article reports on the spiritual guidance he’s received to assist him in practicing his religion while in space. How to pray five times daily when an astronaut in … Continue reading

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GILH 104: Psalm Meditation

It is well known the Church demands something of believers before they receive the sacraments. Something of this is described in this section of the GILH: 104. To sing the psalms with understanding, then, is to meditate on them verse … Continue reading

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Lakes and Fountains

Cassini‘s latest pass near Titan (moon of Saturn) last Tuesday netted discovery of small lakes near the south pole: The corollary on Earth would be the Antarctic coast. A few small dark patches – liquid-hydrocarbon-filled lakes – stand out, at … Continue reading

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Tithing For Settlements

San Diego Bishop Robert Brom has asked his diocesan clergy to ante up a month’s salary to help pay for sex abuse legal settlements. I wonder what the clergy there are thinking about this. My sense is that it’s a … Continue reading

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GILH 103: “Poems of Praise”

As we approach the psalms, we should keep in mind that we are dealing with poetry, not theological prose, or even storytelling. 103. The psalms are not readings or prose prayers, but poems of praise. They can on occasion be … Continue reading

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