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GILH 107: Looking for Significance

We continue our look at the General Introduction to the Liturgy of the Hours (GILH) and find ourselves early in Chapter III where the authors of this document are delving into the territory of the spiritual life. In this section, … Continue reading

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Alternatives To The Culture Of Complaint

In a black and white world, where there is only one alternative to each and every choice, John may be right to say that acquiescence seems to be the only other fork in the road. I’m not convinced. The moral … Continue reading

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When They Want Blood …

… they won’t always settle for an apology. I was noticing the commentary at the Closed Cafeteria yesterday on Bishop Niederauer giving Communion to two people dressed in mockery of traditional religious habits. For this, the archbishop has been named … Continue reading

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GILH 105-106: Variety of Perspective and Emotions

In spite of the oft-heard criticism of the “Voice of God,” it is one of many perspectives used in the Psalter: 105. Often the words of a psalm help us to pray with greater ease and fervor, whether in thanksgiving … Continue reading

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