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GILH 116-120: More Antiphons

How the antiphons were chosen: 116. Proper antiphons are given for each of the psalms of morning prayer and evening prayer during the Easter triduum, on the days within the octaves of Easter and Christmas, on the Sundays of the … Continue reading

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Postcards From Mars

Martian Rovers Spirit and Opportunity continue their intrepid exploration of Mars, having performed more than ten times longer than the original “warranty,” which was 90 days. Just returned to the public library today was Jim Bell’s exceptional book Postcards From … Continue reading

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Sacred Music: Synthesis of Past & Present

Pope Benedict said it. Really. (E)cclesial authorities must undertake to guide … the development of such an important form of music, not by ‘freezing’ its heritage but by seeking to combine the legacy of the past with the worthwhile novelties … Continue reading

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Rainbows and Movies

After this morning’s post on Cassini’s tenth anniversary, the JPL/NASA web site for the probe released a slew of fantastic images and movies. One of my favorite images is the bit of “rainbow” on Saturn’s ring. Explained here: The opposition … Continue reading

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Tenth Anniversary

NASA, space scientists, and space buffs everywhere observe the anniversary today of the launch of the Cassini spacecraft. Image credit: Ken Sturgill of Marion, Virginia

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John Paul’s Feeding Tube

I noticed this item in Zenit about fussing in certain Catholic circles about secular “attempts” to derail the beatification of our last pope and Mother Teresa. This bit drew my attention: A recent story from Time magazine speculated on whether … Continue reading

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Motumania: Dealing With Impatience

News items from this source are always suspect, especially when no links are provided, but apparently, the Ecclesia Dei Commission is impatient with bishops setting the local tone for offering opportunities for Mass under the 1962 form. New guidelines are … Continue reading

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GILH 113-115: Antiphons

This post and the next on antiphons. A bit dry, but for liturgy geeks, important stuff. First, four purposes for the antiphon: 113. Even when the liturgy of the hours is recited, not sung, each psalm retains its own antiphon, … Continue reading

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