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“The Trouble With Religion”?

(This is Neil.) Fr John Garvey, an Orthodox priest, has a characteristically insightful column (sub. required) in the current Commonweal about “what is wrong about much, if not most, religion” (the title is “The Trouble with Religion”).  Fr Garvey tells us … Continue reading

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GILH 121-123: Singing the Psalms

Part III of Chapter III gets a bit into the singing of the psalms. Don’t worry; GILH has a whole section (267-284) outlining singing in greater detail. For now we’ll peek a bit into singing psalms over the next five … Continue reading

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Baseball Trivia

This leaves only the D-Rays, Rangers, Mariners, and Expos/Nats as the only MLB teams/franchises never to have appeared in a World Series. Each of those teams is from different stages of MLB expansion. Did you know that Nolan Ryan is … Continue reading

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His Most Joyful Day

The Concord Pastor passes on Rock’s note about the passing of Lucien Deiss. My first exposure to Catholic music included this man’s compositions. I remember being a pagan child in a sixth grade classroom at my new school and spending … Continue reading

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