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Black Vestments

An interesting Euro-centric discussion on black vestments for All Souls Day at the NLM site. Shawn Tribe presumes that our parishes naturally have black chasubles tucked away in the back of closets. He also presumes that monochromatic vestments are the … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Locating Confessions

This is a big task for you armchair liturgists in the reading and commenting audience. Where would you provide the Sacrament of Reconciliation, form I and what it looks like once you put it there. At my parish, the “reconciliation … Continue reading

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GILH 126-129: How the Psalms Were Distributed

The next ten sections outline a Plan for the Distribution of the Psalms in the Office. 126. The psalms are distributed over a four-week cycle in such a way that very few psalms are omitted, while some, traditionally more important, … Continue reading

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CitE Cardinals

Rock was all over the story first, and now the rest of St Blogosphere follows. Thanks to eighteen new appointments, we now have 121 cardinal-electors. According to John Allen, the 80th birthday of Cardinal Sodano will bring the number down … Continue reading

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GILH 124-125: Considerations of Length, Genre

What if the psalm is long? 124. When longer psalms occur, sections are marked in the psalter that divide the parts in such a way as to keep the threefold structure of the hour; but great care has been taken … Continue reading

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