GILH 143-145: Cycle for the Office of Readings

Regarding the Cycle of Scripture Readings in the Office of Readings did you know there is meant to be a coordination with the Lectionary for Mass? I never knew that.

143. The cycle of readings from sacred Scripture in the office of readings takes into account both those special seasons during which by an ancient tradition particular books are to be read and the cycle of readings at Mass. The liturgy of the hours is thus coordinated with the Mass in such a way that the scriptural readings in the office complement the readings at Mass and so provide a complete view of the history of salvation.

A reminder for those preparing readings on one of the most common errors for do-it-yourself liturgists:

144. Without prejudice to the exception noted in no. 73, there are no readings from the Gospel in the liturgy of the hours, since in the Mass each year the Gospel is read in its entirety.

I wasn’t aware of these two separate cycles either. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the GILH:

145. There are two cycles of biblical readings. The first is a one-year cycle and is incorporated into The Liturgy of the Hours; the second, given in the supplement for optional use, is a two-year cycle, like the cycle of readings at weekday Masses in Ordinary Time.

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