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See How They Love One Another

Another fine example or two of the ideological cannibalism all too prevalent on the internet. The posts themselves are decent, and well-thought-out (though they give quite a bit more credence to the whole reform2 project than it deserves). It’s the … Continue reading

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Returning A Favor, Of Sorts

tv singing contestants in Australia have been asked not to talk about God. Apparently it would be seen as not cool. It’s an interesting echo of the efforts by some to derail an Australian Idol winner’s song being picked for … Continue reading

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The Propellers of Saturn

It sounds like a title of a pulp-era sf story, but propellers are actual features in Saturn’s Rings that look like … well, propellers. These things are way cool. Imagine a moonlet about the size of a sports arena or … Continue reading

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GILH 150-151: Ninety Days

Here’s what the GILH says about readings during Lent, Triduum, and Eastertime: 150. During Lent the readings for the first year are passages from Deuteronomy and the Letter to the Hebrews. Those for the second year review the history of … Continue reading

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Effective Catechesis

According to Pope Benedict: Educators of the faith, cannot run the risk of looking like some sort of clown, who is simply playing a role. (They) should be like the beloved disciple, who rested his head on the master’s heart … Continue reading

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GILH 147-149: Readings of Advent/Christmas

At first, the inclusion of the Book of Ruth (it doesn’t appear at all in the Lectionary for Mass) was curious, but she is the Gentile ancestor of King David. 147. During Advent, following an ancient tradition, passages are read … Continue reading

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Scanning the Rings

The Astronomy Picture of the Day features a detailed scan of Saturn’s rings. The image above is not the scan, but it does show the innermost large moon Mimas orbiting a bit beyond the main set of rings. Click the … Continue reading

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