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GILH 153-155: Other Considerations in the Office of Readings

Some additional thoughts on the readings: 153. The one-year cycle is shortened in such a way that each year special passages from sacred Scripture are read, but in correlation with the two-year cycle of readings at Mass, to which it … Continue reading

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Reasonable Expectations

Thanks for the interesting discussion on the “Cowards and Pokers” thread. When I read Judie Brown’s essay, I thought it illustrated a point I’ve made before. Simply that Catholics of all breeds would do well to temper their expectations when … Continue reading

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Cowards and Pokers

That’s how Judie Brown and her friends at LifeSite interpret the variance among the bishops in their concrete approach to those twice or more removed from the moral issues of the day. You’re not going to get one of those … Continue reading

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GILH 152: Ordinary Time

What about ordinary time? Here’s the GILH plan: 152. From the Monday after the feast of the Baptism of the Lord until Lent and from the Monday after Pentecost until Advent there is a continuous series of thirty-four weeks in … Continue reading

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