GILH 180-184: More on Intercessions

Do-it-yourself liturgists in particular should pay attention to the different styles of intercessory prayer in Lauds and Vespers.

180. The general intercessions, restored in the Mass of the Roman Rite, have their place also at evening prayer, though in a different fashion, as will be explained later.

Morning intercessions properly give voice to the wish for the consecration of the coming day. When Lauds is prayed at special meetings, or on a special occasion in the parish, the liturgical ideal is for the petitions to respect the needs of the coming day for those praying:

181. Since traditionally morning prayer puts the whole day in God’s hands, there are invocations at morning prayer for the purpose of commending or consecrating the day to God.

182. The word preces covers both the intercessions at evening prayer and the invocations for dedicating the day to God at morning prayer.

183. In the interest of variety and especially of giving fuller expression to the many needs of the Church and of all people in relation to different states of life, groups, persons, circumstances, and seasons, different intercessory formularies are given for each day of the four-week psalter in Ordinary Time and for the special seasons of the liturgical year, as well as for certain feasts.

Conferences, not individual bishops, pastors, or religious community leaders may adapt what is given:

184. In addition, the conferences of bishops have the right to adapt the formularies given in the book of the liturgy of the hours and also to approve new ones, [See SC 38.] in accordance with the norms that follow.

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One Response to GILH 180-184: More on Intercessions

  1. Freder1ck says:

    and that’s the official LOTH, for those who have an obligation to pray the hours. And by the way, who approves the particular versions of the LOTH prayed by Franciscans or other orders?

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