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Goddess and Mouse

China’s “goddess” joins the Japanese “mouse” now in lunar orbit. There’s a video from the Japanese “Kaguya” probe here. I can’t find really large images, but over on the right is one from Kaguya’s HDTV camera. The image is near … Continue reading

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The Assembly’s Living Song

The prediction of a pontifical office overseeing liturgical music is the suggestion of the director of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Zenit reported today. I found it interesting that his institute was described as “an academic institution dedicated to … Continue reading

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GILH 204-207: Sunday

Chapter IV covers sections 204-252 and instructs us on Various Celebrations Throughout the Year. Sunday is given first treatment: 204. The office of Sunday begins with evening prayer I, which is taken entirely from the four-week psalter, except those parts … Continue reading

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From The Podium

Liam linked Chironomo’s post predicting three developments on Catholic liturgical music. As fodder for “gossip,” it’s somewhat interesting, I guess. Like many conservatives or traditionalists, I think the blogger in question has a few blind spots. I’m generally doubtful of … Continue reading

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It was suggested in the thread on Judgments that the term “pastoral” has outlived its usefulness, at least for a generation. My flip reply was to retire “orthodoxy” as part of a trade-off. I don’t think either proposal will be … Continue reading

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GILH 201-203: Silence

We come to the end of GILH’s lengthy Chapter III with three numbered sections on sacred silence. Let’s note that liturgical silence is not merely the absence of sound, but implies an interior reverence. Silence is also identified as a … Continue reading

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Missing The Judgments

Jeffrey Tucker at NLM fumbles a bit on the eve of the replacement document for Music in Catholic Worship. The reform2 crew seems dismayed because … Word on the street is that the new document on music from the USCCB … Continue reading

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GILH 197-200: Concluding Prayer

Drawing close to the end of this chapter,  the GILH takes a look at the Concluding Prayer 197. The concluding prayer at the end marks the completion of an entire hour. In a celebration in public and with a congregation, … Continue reading

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