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St. Paul in Prison

(This is Neil.) Several days ago, Todd asked for suggestions regarding an upcoming parish presentation on St Paul. In response, the Concord Pastor mentioned that, when he remembers that Paul occasionally wrote from prison, it “never fails to add depth … Continue reading

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The Phenomenon of the Catholic Blogosphere

Liam’s analysis of the NLM: “perhaps NLM generates more traffic because it has a marginalized niche audience that is less able to have real instead of virtual conversations than those outside its base audience.” Draws the ire of John Heavrin: … Continue reading

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Burp That Baby!

image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Velusamy (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) The Spitzer Space Telescope captured this baby star burping at speeds of 600,000 mph, give or take. Most of the emission is simple hydrogen, but the red spots at the end of each … Continue reading

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GILH 214-217: Other Seasons, Solemnities, and Feasts

Considerations for other seasons: Easter Season 214. The liturgy of the hours takes on a paschal character from the acclamation, Alleluia that concludes most antiphons (see GILH 120), from the hymns, antiphons, and special intercessions, and from the proper readings … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Rebellion

Don’t look now, but if there’s not a Traditional Latin Mass in your neighborhood yet, your bishop is probably in open rebellion. This, the opinion of the guy touted to be the next head of the CDWDS, the curial department … Continue reading

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Homeless Vets: Supporting Which Troops?

An interesting post on Vox Nova on homelessness among military vets draws the usual St Blog’s suspects having a hard time getting their heads around the fact that vets are represented among the homeless population more than twice as much … Continue reading

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GILH 208-213: Triduum

There were a few surprises for me as I reread this section on the Easter Triduum 208. For the Easter triduum the office is celebrated in the way set forth in the Proper of Seasons. 209. Those who take part … Continue reading

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Does “Pastoral” Concede A Lack of Professionalism?

There are other side issues on the use of the term “pastoral” which probe close to the heart of what it means to be in ministry or service to the Church. Randolph Nichols, who always posts wisely here, related the … Continue reading

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