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Alternate Maps

The Mercator projection relates the aspects of a spherical Earth onto the surface of a cylinder. It’s the projection that shows Alaska as half the size of the continental US and Greenland the size of a continent. I found this … Continue reading

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GILH 234-240: Memorials

Another rung down: the memorial. First, a liturgical reminder for optional memorials falling during Advent, Christmas, Lent or Eastertime: 234. In the arrangement of the office there is no difference between obligatory and optional memorials, except in the case of … Continue reading

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Saint Martin’s Lent

Today’s feast used to usher in a forty-day period of fasting prior to Christmas. Actually, St Martin’s Day, or Martinmas, was a day more akin to Mardi Gras, with much revelry and feasting. The traditional dinner for the day is … Continue reading

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GILH 231-233: Feasts

The next lower rung is the feast. First, no special Vespers for the evening prior: 231. Feasts have no evening prayer I, except those feasts of the Lord that fall on a Sunday. At the office of readings, at morning … Continue reading

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Singing The Mass

Peter Nixon’s post this morning continues a dotCommonweal series on sacred music. I direct your attention to that web page, and your memories to my views on contemporary sacred music. In sum, we’re not where we need to be, but … Continue reading

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