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“Our situation should be much better”

… says Steubenville Bishop Robert Conlon. He’s right. John Allen’s link on the sex abuse crisis here. The Lavender Mafia theory gets torpedoed. As does the so-called sexual revolution. The bishops seem aware they’ve alienated many of their priests. Archbishop … Continue reading

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Liturgy Stuff from the USCCB

Three major bloggers tell it, so it must be true. Sing To The Lord, the proposed USCCB document on sacred music, gets downgraded to “guidelines” and is taken off the discussion  table laden down with over a hundred amendments. The … Continue reading

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Berry On Not To George

I can’t get news at this time if Cardinal George has been elected USCCB president today. Jason Berry’s editorial in yesterday’s LA Times has some pretty damning stories–some, but not all circumstantial. A few days ago I said I didn’t … Continue reading

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Looking over the WordPress dashboard is fascinating–much more advanced than what the old blogspot had to offer. Every so often CS gets a link at newadvent.net or .org. We had a nice influx of a few hundred visits from there … Continue reading

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GILH 244-245: Option to Choose an Office

Some options are offered … Option to Choose an Office 244. On weekdays when an optional memorial is permitted, for a good reason the office of a saint listed on that day in the Roman Martyrology, or in an approved … Continue reading

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Byzantine Liturgy and Holy Communion

(This is Neil.) I’m sure that many of you have read Fr Robert F. Taft, SJ’s book, Through Their Own Eyes: Liturgy as the Byzantines Saw It, published last year. Fr Taft’s “Abschied von Byzanz” is rewarding in many ways … Continue reading

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GILH 241-243: Liturgical Calendar Choices

Next, we look at subsection III of Chapter IV: Calendar and Option to Choose an Office or Part of an Office Calendar to be Followed 241. The office in choir and in common is to be celebrated according to the … Continue reading

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