GILH 241-243: Liturgical Calendar Choices

Next, we look at subsection III of Chapter IV: Calendar and Option to Choose an Office or Part of an Office

Calendar to be Followed

241. The office in choir and in common is to be celebrated according to the proper calendar of the diocese, of the religious family, or of the individual churches. [See General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar no. 52.] Members of religious institutes join with the community of the local Church in celebrating the dedication of the cathedral and the feasts of the principal patrons of the place and of the wider geographical region in which they live. [See ibid. no. 52c.]

I’ve wondered if these “principal patrons” include nearby parishes. Are there religious communities that offer a nod to such saints?

242. When clerics or religious who are obliged under any title to pray the divine office join in an office celebrated in common according to a calendar or rite different from their own, they fulfill their obligation in respect to the part of the office at which they are present.

243. In private celebration, the calendar of the place or the person’s own calendar may be followed, except on proper solemnities and on proper feasts. [See ibid. Table of Liturgical Days nos. 4 and 8.]

In our household, we recognize certain observances as important: our parish and diocesan feasts, certainly. We also recognize the various patrons we’ve adopted: Anna & Joachim, the archangel Raphael, and a few others. Any lay people out there who have special observances they apply to the LH?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to GILH 241-243: Liturgical Calendar Choices

  1. Rob F. says:

    We observe the days of our confirmation saints as Solemntities, and of our name saints (both first and middle names) as memorials, regardless of whether they are in the general calendar. The days of the first-name saints of the babies, who have not yet been confirmed, we keep as solemnities as well, so everyone’s main patron gets a solemnity, with secondary patrons getting memorials.

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