GILH 244-245: Option to Choose an Office

Some options are offered …

Option to Choose an Office

244. On weekdays when an optional memorial is permitted, for a good reason the office of a saint listed on that day in the Roman Martyrology, or in an approved appendix to it, may be celebrated in the same way as other memorials (see GILH 234-239).

245. For a public cause or out of devotion, except on solemnities, the Sundays of the seasons of Advent, Lent, and Easter, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, the octave of Easter, and 2 November, a votive office may be celebrated, in whole or in part: for example, on the occasion of a pilgrimage, a local feast, or the external solemnity of a saint.

The occasion of a pilgrimage is mentioned. How many people who pray the LH make use of such an option?

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6 Responses to GILH 244-245: Option to Choose an Office

  1. My patron saint’s day coincides with the anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral, which always takes precedence. So the only way I can licitly celebrate my patron saint, in the LH (and Mass) is to celebrate a votive Mass and pray a votive office, and that is what I do.

  2. Liam says:

    Does the LOH permit the transferral of the patronal solemnity, which is permitted in Ordinary Time for Mass (that is, one is permitted to move the Mass for a patronal or titular solemnity to Sunday in ORdinary Time)?

  3. Rob F. says:

    During November I pray the office of the dead on days allowing a votive office. I’m not sure, however, if this is exactly what GILH #244 applies to, however.

  4. Liam:

    Without being sure what the rubrics actually say, it just makes sense to me that if a parish transfers a celebration to a Sunday, then the entire liturgical “day” is transferred, meaning not just the Mass, but the hours. As I see it, what happens is that the pastor is empowered to alter the liturgical calendar for his parish in certain ways. Doesn’t that make a lot more sense than saying, you can have Mass for St. Boniface on Sunday, but the office for him may not be celebrated on other than his day? It does to me.

    Rob F. —

    My recollection is that the liberty to pray the office for the dead parallels the celebration of a Mass for the same purpose.

    After all, the prayers in the Funeral Rites book include the Liturgy of the Hours, and they can be prayed almost anytime in association with someone’s death. The rationale seems to me to be that burying the dead is a pretty important duty as Christians.

  5. Liam says:

    Fr Rob

    I agree – so that should be a way for you to solve your conflict.

  6. Rob F. says:

    I don’t know any days where the mass is separated from the LH except (arguably) All Soul’s Day when it falls on a Sunday. In that case, the mass is the Requiem mass, but the office id for the current Sunday.

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