Looking over the WordPress dashboard is fascinating–much more advanced than what the old blogspot had to offer. Every so often CS gets a link at or .org. We had a nice influx of a few hundred visits from there the past few days on the “Marriage After Death” post, which I thought was more of a “direct your attention to what other people are saying about it” kind of offering.

They don’t link Neil too often, which is an error, I think. Neil offers original material or he offers others’ insights with his own commentary. Friends of the ConcordPastor also brought in several dozen visitors. Wouldn’t surprise me if his site visits surpass ours here. If so, good for him.

By the time we get past this week’s USCCB meeting, we’ll know if we have a new sacred music document for the nation. Depending on the availability of a text, I might start a look at MCW and LMT as sort of a prelude to SttL.

But I’m not sure. So many Vatican documents still await us, especially the various rites of the Church: infant baptism, confirmation, dedication of a church, ordination, not to mention RCIA, funerals, and pastoral care of the sick.

I find it amazing I’m still getting a handful of posts on the Rite of Marriage daily. When I googled “rite of marriage” today, I was at 22nd and 23rd place on the listing.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Referrals

  1. Liam says:

    Well, the reported news today was the music document was withdrawn – after Bp Trautman attempted to offer it as an advisory rather than legislative document (the latter needing to receive recognitio from Rome) – due to the volume of proposed amendments.

    John Allen has been mum on this development, which was reported by EWTN.

    Let’s see what the details of this are if and when it is confirmed by other news organizations (or, one might hoping for a fit of transparency, the USCCB/BCL itself!).

    Bp Seratelli will be succeeding Bp Trautman as chair of the BCL this week, btw. Perhaps this is being thrown back to him as his first challenge.

  2. concordpastor says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Todd, but you’re 2 to 1 over my blog for hits.

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