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GILH 259-266: Other Ministries; Posture

With the continuation of Chapter V, section I, we get the litany of liturgical ministries, starting with the lectors and psalmists: 259. Those who act as readers, standing in a convenient place, read either the long readings or the short … Continue reading

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First Reconciliation

Our parish celebrated it last night. Over many years and many parishes, I think we get it as close to right as I’ve experienced it. Children’s choir and older siblings of penitents numbered close to forty. No parish I’ve been … Continue reading

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GILH 253-258: Presidency

We’re in the home stretch of GILH, my friends. Chapter V is titled Rites for Celebration in Common. First on the agenda is the question of “Who does what?” The post-conciliar principle of keeping to one’s assigned duties is quoted … Continue reading

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