GILH 259-266: Other Ministries; Posture

With the continuation of Chapter V, section I, we get the litany of liturgical ministries, starting with the lectors and psalmists:

259. Those who act as readers, standing in a convenient place, read either the long readings or the short readings.

260, A cantor or cantors should intone the antiphons, psalms, and other chants. With regard to the psalmody, the directions of GILH 121-125 should be followed.

261. During the gospel canticle at morning prayer and evening prayer there may be an incensation of the altar, then of the priest and congregation.

The LH in community need not be celebrated in a church under some conditions:

262. The choral obligation applies to the community, not to the place of celebration, which need not be a church, especially in the case of those hours that are celebrated without solemnity.

And a summary of the expected posture of the people:

263. All taking part stand during:

a. the introduction to the office and the introductory verses of each hour;

b. the hymn;

c. the gospel canticle;

d. the intercessions, the Lord’s Prayer, and the concluding prayer.

264. All sit to listen to the readings, except the gospel.

265. The assembly either sits or stands, depending on custom, while the psalms and other canticles (with their antiphons) are being said.

266. All make the sign of the cross, from forehead to breast and from left shoulder to right, at:

a. the beginning of the hours, when God, come to my assistance is being said;

b. the beginning of the gospel, the Canticles of Zechariah, of Mary, and of Simeon.

The sign of the cross is made on the mouth at the beginning of the invitatory, at Lord, open my lips.

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