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Pushing 3800

We’re getting close to 3,800 posts here. John was critical of the content here several days back. I was curious to find out exactly what Neil and I have been writing about the past four years. We’re averaging almost three … Continue reading

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GILH 270: Music is not an Embellishment

Music itself is part of the language God uses to communicate to us and we use to worship God. Excising it from worship would be like eliminating vowels from written language or sibilants from spoken language. Maybe you could get … Continue reading

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Rite of Penance Coming Up

The discussion on the First Reconciliation thread is heartening. I think it’s a good next-effort for our web site. We’re still getting a handful of visits each day on our marriage-related posts. I can only imagine where we’ll be googled … Continue reading

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Comeback Trumpeted

A few inaccuracies to note in OSV’s The Catholic Answer piece on Gregorian chant: The authors, Arlene Oost-Zinner and Jeffrey Tucker persist in the notion of Jewish roots. This has been pretty much discounted by scholars. Logically, it presents a … Continue reading

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GILH 267-269: Singing in the Office

We’re now in th estretch run of GILH. From here on out, we talk about music, that lifting factor to Catholic blogs everywhere. Part II of Chapter V gives direction as to the role of music at the LH. In … Continue reading

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Hermeneutic of Entitlement

The Fall USCCB meeting trickled to an end sometime in the past day or two, and in the aftermath, I find it hard to get excited about it. The Chicago connection for council leadership has been remarked upon. Many folks … Continue reading

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