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The Armchair Liturgist: Thanksgiving

Just a curious question as we approach the American holiday par excellence: how would you treat it? How does your parish celebrate Thanksgiving liturgically? – Thursday morning Mass with mostly “Sunday” trappings? – Thursday morning Mass, basic like a weekday? … Continue reading

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The First North American Church?

This news item from LiveScience came up months ago, but I missed it. Still interesting, this piece on a researcher who thought a small band of Italian friars may have built the continent’s first Christian church in 1498. (Historian Alwyn) … Continue reading

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The Shrinking Solution

CNS reports that San Diego’s sex abuse settlements have squeezed the diocesan budget, so the news organ of the southern-most California diocese will reduce its output by nearly 69 percent: a combination of less frequent publication, fewer pages and fewer … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season To Anticipate

As usual, the Catholic conservatives are about twenty years behind the times. Joseph Bottum plugs his piece in December’s First Things. I’m not a subscriber, but he did provide an abstract, which sums up his thoughts, I presume: Christmas has … Continue reading

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GILH 280-284: Final Musical Considerations

Our last post on the text of the GILH. 280. Even when the hours are recited, hymns can nourish prayer, provided they have doctrinal and literary excellence; but of their nature they are designed for singing and so, as far … Continue reading

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Music and Mainline Evangelization

Unless you want to watch performing technique, sitting close up at a classical concert isn’t always the best idea. But I was glad we did Friday night. It’s been about twenty years since my wife or I heard a live … Continue reading

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