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RP 4: Penance in the Church’s Life and Liturgy

Section 4 continues the theme of the people of God accomplishing continual conversion: 4. The people of God accomplish and perfect this continual repentance in many different ways. They share in the sufferings of Christ [See 1 Pt 4:13.] by … Continue reading

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Luna With Logograms

China’s Chang’e-1 lunar orbiter sent this image back to Earth, released by China’s space agency Tuesday. I’m sure that the logograms next to this lunar landscape would give some people pause. I can imagine the sensation this kind of image … Continue reading

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Swimming in Acid?

Check out this Spaceref.com piece on the oceans under Europa’s ice crust. If sulfur and hydrogen are big part of the picture on Europa, that sixty-mile-deep ocean might be an acid bath. Sulfuric acid, that is. Count me as a … Continue reading

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Blogging Light

… the past few days. Tuesdays are always the busiest of my days, what with our weekly staff meeting, plus the usual agendas. I also have my weekly five-hour gig at a nearby children’s center, working with the teens and … Continue reading

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